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Las Vegas Journal Review is a project of ProgressNow Nevada designed to monitor the changing landscape of Nevada journalism. I would like to thank Bobs SEO for their contribution to this website and all their hard work. If you own a business in Las Vegas I highly recommend you talk to them.

An outdated business model during a horrendous economic recession has had devastating effects on media in Nevada. Las Vegas Journal Review has chosen to monitor these developments by watching how the state’s largest newspaper handles itself in this climate. So far, the picture isn’t pretty.

One of the gravest issues facing our community is the erosion of accurate news sources to fulfill journalism’s Fourth Estate duties. Deep cuts in the news product have led to numerous changes and have resulted in frequent mistakes, shortcuts and a narrowing of the paper’s reporting lens. Increasing community concern about the accuracy and independence of the Review-Journal’s news reporting also spurred creation of this site.

In a vastly changing media world, Las Vegas Journal Review hopes to provide Nevada residents a check and balance on the most powerful and influential local news source. While the Review-Journal is the prime focus of this project for the above-stated reasons, Las Vegas Journal Review will be monitoring the entire Nevada media landscape as issues arise.

ProgressNow Nevada is a non-profit corporation which aims to apply progressive principles to public policy solutions. Progress Now Nevada does not advocate or lobby for change; rather it serves to educate Nevada residents on four core areas of concern — education, health care, media accuracy and renewable energy. The organization’s website is at

ProgressNow Nevada is also a state partner of the national ProgressNow network.

Las Vegas Journal Review is written and researched by Erin Neff, the executive director of ProgressNow Nevada. Neff is a former political reporter and columnist of the Review-Journal (2003-2008) and the Las Vegas Sun (1998-2003). She also formerly worked for KNPR as a host of “State of Nevada,” and has made numerous local and national cable television appearances. Neff has history and broadcast journalism degrees from Syracuse University (1992) and worked in professional journalism for 20 years.

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