Have Fun, Build Team Chemistry – Try an Escape Room in Las Vegas

Build Team Chemistry

Build Team Chemistry

When you need a different avenue in building team work and problem solving skills for company missions, Las Vegas has the ultimate solution for your next Corporate Event.

Xterious Escape Room in Las Vegas is the ultimate entertainment team building game room for corporate events now in Las Vegas, Nevada! What better way to build a better team for your company than with the chance to solve a puzzling game or solution to a major problem than in an escape a room that feels death-defying!

This is the perfect chance to build a strong relationship with coworkers and employees when you have to solve a problem. The solution to master minding these fun and thrilling games offered at the Extreme Escape Room in Las Vegas are the following:

– Casino’s Dark 11 (Finding your friend Lucy who’s missing.)
– Code 13 (an antidote to a virus must be found!)
– Bugsy’s Nightmare (Finding documents that can save Vegas from Bugsy.)
– The Great Escape #1 (Prison for life is not in your cards, but you must find your cellmate first!)
– The Great Escape #2 (A prison life sentence, but you are on your own!)
– Curse of Mapuche (Find the statute to save the world!)
…And other mind boggling missions!

Games available at Xterious Escape Las Vegas

It all boils down to coworkers or friends working together to solve a puzzle while searching for something extremely important, or cracking the secret code in order to escape the drenching loss of doom!

It not only shows those workers that need to build up their skills when working for a company with many workers, but it helps build time management skills and leadership skills. These skills are the onset of what a company needs in today’s fast track world. Not only will everyone enjoy the enlighten of something much different compared to the same old boring exercises of yesterday’s past, but it begins to shed light on the many brain games available. All in all, you’ll see how it helps those who work together within the company. Coworkers will get closer in a business-like environment while solving problems as team-mates alike and getting to work all within a time frame.

Prime game example, Bugsy’s Nightmare

Nevertheless, working to solve a problem such as finding important documents that Bugsy left behind that will allow him to take over Las Vegas is one of the games. It’s one that brings back memories for those who remember him as a real mobster and hotel casino developer of Las Vegas in the late 40’s. In the team working game though, he’s called upon to a secret meeting and you and your coworkers will have to find the documents left behind as Bugsy is away for an hour. Yet, he’ll be back because he forgot those documents so everyone in the Escape Room will have to hurry and find these documents! It’s up to you and your workers to find them in order to save Las Vegas from doom under Bugsy, the historical mobster. All that has to be done is search and retrieve the plans in this master mind game before Bugsy returns. Coworkers must get right to work and solve certain steps to get closer in recovering the docs. If not, Vegas will be under the mastermind of mobster Bugsy. Finding the docs before he comes back is the goal! In fact, don’t let “…Your body…or your coworkers,… end up in the foundation of one of his casinos either!”
It’s games like this that’s fun and exciting. Nevertheless, one way to build a team together is by game playing and puzzle solving. Xterious Escape Rooms in Las Vegas will promote some of the best in real-world puzzle-solving missions. Get the chance to challenge the brains of your coworkers with games like this and other brain games and missions.

Team building activities

Corporate event games at the Escape Room in Las Vegas is part of a growing trend for corporations who have parties or corporate events that originated in the basements of Budapest. It ultimately took the European entertainment business by “storm” for its success, but now in Nevada, corporate execs can find it popping up in Vegas where teams go face to face in solving problems with spell-binding and mind-boggling puzzles. The experience has been exciting and adventurous!

There are corporate events which bring challenging games and puzzles while allowing coworkers to work together during a time-frame. These team-building activities come in handy when corporate executives see their sales trickling down their ROI charts. Its not only a way to build a team together but it brings employees closer in working together towards a solution to problems and goals.

With group activities in Las Vegas at the forefront, there’s always room for improvement for any company. Team-building at the workplace can be challenging for some companies. In general, there’s always the Extreme Escape that offers excitement and chemistry and a chance to have fun with your co-workers.

Having fun while building teams up!

Having fun with company employees while developing the most important elements in building successful triumphs is what Extreme Escape is all about. The team will be performing some of the best team-building events while having fun doing so. The exercises to escape from a room once they solve a problem, plus find the hidden documents, objects, or whatever element needed to escape a room of uncertainty is what it’s all about. The fun is in the journey overall.
What’s important is having trust with each other, building important communication skills, and making critical decisions in a timely fashion which keep coworkers in-tact. In addition, staying committed as a team while time flies by is another important element. Solving problems while making decisions with each other shows team building skills and gives each worker the chance to voice their opinion.

Celebrating while team building and development

If you own a company or need a place to celebrate a company event, forget those other boring and dull working exercises. Get those coworkers active! What’s more is the “group activities” for those corporate events. They’re more exciting and employees wouldn’t want to miss the excitement. To their surprise, they’ll see that it’s an ideal way to add fun to such a worthy cause which will help them in their everyday work assignments, tasks, and even life.
It’s the ideal way to lead a team in solving a problem like puzzles, finding a solution to mind boggling episodes, or simply trying to escape a room they’ve entered within a time allotment. Whatever the case, its all in the journey for corporate event meetings and team building exercises in the business world!

Las Vegas Xterious Escape is the one to master!

Teamwork and communication skills are critical to success. After entering a room, the clock begins and you work together to find the clues and solve puzzles which will lead the team to escape. Each Room is under video surveillance too. Once the team goes into the Extreme Escape Room, the clock will begin to count down from 60 minutes. It’s only when teammates work together to find clues to a puzzle or problem that will get them a step closer to the solution. Although, in order to escape the consequences that may linger towards them if they don’t find all the missing pieces or clues is when they lose!

Nevertheless, there’s Game Masters which will help team-mates to solve a mission when needed.
Remember, it’s for the benefit of the workers of a company to come up with the solution in the room. Additionally, there’s a camera in every room that will be turned on while the team is under surveillance and working towards the timed goal and mission. Those in the room will be given clues or hints to each problem, mission, or game in order to be completed.

Live Games for Corporate Events

It’s live, it’s mind-boggling, it’s puzzling, and it’s being timed! So, with all “hands on deck” there’s no time to waste in the ultimate Extreme Escape Game Room in Las Vegas for a fun and adventurous corporate event!
– Escape rooms are theme-driven throughout.
– It’ll help coworkers build better time management skills one way or the other.
– Coworkers compete with clues given while working side by side.
– Communication skills and overall teamwork are part of working in unison.

Rates and Contact Info

The Xterious Escape Las Vegas Escape Room has corporate events’ special rates which will be determined by a group’s size. In general, rates will also be determined if you need meeting space or catering space which are available upon booking your company’s date and time availability.
There’s a dedicated event’s staff which will give you more details for an event dedicated to building up a team with companies or businesses needing that extra push for their employees. Get all the details by writing to us or calling one of our customer service representatives. You’ll be able to focus on fun and entertainment while building life skills, time management, and problem-solving solutions that are meant for your colleagues and coworkers alike!
Start booking today! It’s easy for your next corporate event, and everyone will have so much fun! Please call 702-931-2727, if you live outside of Las Vegas, write to us at 105 E Reno Ave, Las Vegas, NV 89119, USA.

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